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Meet the OneSource Team

The OneSource Rutgers Faculty and Staff Service Center team share the values of our Rutgers Community and are committed to the mission of providing best in class customer experience. Many of the OneSource team members bring with them their knowledge and experience of working with faculty and staff in their prior roles at Rutgers, ranging from HCM, Leave Administration, Procurement, Payroll, etc. Our team is excited to continue to service the Rutgers community in a new way that supports the One Rutgers mission.

Customer Care
Timothy Dickson
Lorrece Cook
Tanisha Stoute
Diana Ryan
Denise Williams
Maya Rashonn Wilson
Kevin Emmons
Ashley Alves
Gricelda (Maria) Roman
Angel Sawyer Hackney
Alison Daniela Loria
Marissa Miller
Aneesha Patel
Elizabeth Cronce
Kayla Kennedy
Andreia Cuoto
Ruth Garcis
Niesha Ellis
Lisa Jackson
Sally Medjid Badran
Patricia Koziol
Jennifer Reyes Martinez
Benefits and Payroll Services
Patricia Quinn
Krystyna Plonski
Lola Vickers-Parker
Jeff Huested
Kim Wiggins
Gail Van Deveer
Linda Gutch
Andrea Maldonado
Kari Mucciariello
Dana Ringer
Leave Administration
Teeonna Jenkins
Alexa Lepucki
LaKeira Jones
Annemarie Gualberto
Charity Averette
Lavanya Gatti
Barbara Crimmins
Vivian Cadogan
Tammy Khaleque
Danielle Gault
Karol Garcia
Renee Haggwood
Taylor Trivigno