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Employee Shared Work Furlough Program Guidelines

The Employee Shared Work Furlough Program is a program that allows for temporary reductions in an employee’s scheduled work hours and compensation to help mitigate a fiscal emergency, thereby minimizing layoffs wherever possible.

Participants in the Employee Shared Work Furlough Program are not laid off.  The salaries of program participants are reduced in an amount equal to the temporary time off. As a furloughed employee, you remain in active status, and your employee benefits are not affected. Participants are eligible to apply for New Jersey state unemployment benefits regardless of their residence.

Can I change my furlough days if I need to?

No, once you have confirmed your furlough days and have received a furlough notification letter with your furlough schedule you cannot change the days.

Can I conduct any work-related activities such as sending/receiving emails during my shared work furlough day?

Employees must not be performing any work-related activities from 12:01 a.m. through midnight on the dates of their shared work furlough days.