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Wellness Support

Managing the Stress

When an employee’s job ends involuntarily, it’s normal to feel a sense of loss and take time to begin to heal. See the tips below on handling the grieving process and managing the stress of a job loss:

  • Shock, denial, anger, resistance, sadness, and acceptance: It’s shocking when you get the message and it takes time to absorb the reality of this news. Thoughts of anger are common and a normal part of the grief process.
  • It’s okay to experience feelings of sadness, but you may want to withdraw after a job loss, if you feel yourself becoming depressed getting professional help is critical to your health and effectiveness in finding a job.
  • Everyone handles loss and grief in our own way and come to acceptance to move on. Just remember to be patient with the process and with yourself.
  • Share your feelings with trusted family and friends
  • Join a job seeker’s support group
  • Utilize the networking resources available to you
  • Do what you can and accept what you cannot change
  • Take care of your health
Counseling Services and Resources