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Layoff Checklist for Employees

Review your layoff letter

Read your layoff letter carefully as it may contain information related to your separation date, layoff rights, and health benefits. You also should coordinate with your supervisor about collecting any personal items you may have still in the office.

Obtain a BC-10 form and apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Visit the Claiming Unemployment page to learn more.

Review your continuation of health benefits and COBRA

Your medical, dental and prescription drug coverage will continue through and terminate at the end of the month at which the date of separation of employment occurs.

Example: the employment separation date is June 18th, insurance coverage will end on June 30th.


Since employment separation results in the loss of State Health Benefits coverage, you may be eligible for COBRA. This is a federal law that provides employees and dependents an opportunity to purchase health benefits for a limited time due

The OneSource Rutgers Faculty and Staff Service Center within University Human Resources will mail a COBRA application and instructions. You should receive a packet within 10-14 business days of your separation date. If you have not received a packet by this time, please contact OneSource at 732-745-SERV (7378).

You can also view the 2023 COBRA Rates below.

Review your Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability coverage
Life Insurance

Your life insurance coverage will continue for 31 days after the separation of employment date. A conversion option, without a medical exam, is available and an application for conversion is required within 31 days of termination of coverage.

Long-Term Disability

Alternate Benefit Program (ABP)

Your long-term disability coverage will end on the date of separation. Unfortunately, there is no conversion option available.

Public Employees Retirement System/UNUM

Your coverage will end on the date of separation. A conversion option, without a medical exam, is available and an application for conversion is required within 31 days of termination of coverage.

Manage your PERS retirement accounts (if applicable)
Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS)/Police and Firemen’s Retirement Systems (PFRS)

With your employment ending as a result of a layoff, your PERS/PFRS account can remain inactive for up to 10 years.

You have the option of withdrawing your pension contributions and ending pension membership. Please note: by withdrawing your monies, you will be forfeiting your NJ State pension credited service. If you return to work for any NJ State Agency, your prior years of service will not count.

For information on how to withdraw your monies, please log on to your Member Benefits Online System Account (MBOS) via the NJ State website

Based on your age and years of service, you may be eligible to retire. Please contact OneSource 732-745-SERV (7378) to verify eligibility.

Manage your ABP retirement account (if applicable)

Employee Contribution

5% of base salary made on a pretax basis.

Employer Contribution

8% employer match of employees’ base salary up to an annual salary of $175,000 ($14,000) based on the state of NJ regulation.

If you are vested (12 months or longer)

  • You do not have to withdraw funds until you are age 70-1/2.
  • If you choose to withdraw funds, you are considered retired and may not enroll in a New Jersey State pension plan again

If you are not vested (less than 12 months)

  • You are only eligible for your employee contributions and earnings.

Contact your state-authorized investment carrier for more information:

AXA Equitable 1-866-752-0072
Mass Mutual 1-848-248-4875
VOYA Financial 1-877-873-0321
Met Life 1-800-543-2520
TIAA 1-800-842-8412
AIG (formerly VALIC) 1-800-448-2542
Prudential 1-855-652-2711

There is no minimum retirement age, or years of service required under the ABP. There is a retirement application processes involving both a Benefits Specialist and your investment carrier.

For information regarding your retirement account, please contact a representative from your Investment Carrier and contact OneSource 732-745-SERV (7378) .

Check your Paid Time Off options

Any accrued and unused Paid Leave Bank (PLB) if applicable, and vacation days, will be paid at the time of separation, unless otherwise stated in your layoff letter.

Unused Sick Leave, Administrative Leave (AL), Personal Holidays (PH), and Mandatory Leave (ML) days will not be paid at separation.

Participate in a layoff information session

Visit the Layoff Information Session page to learn more about either attending a live information session or viewing a recorded information session.

Additional actions you may need to take
If your address will change

Contact Payroll Services (hyperlink to new tab) if your address will change before your W-2 forms are mailed.

Update Rutgers Federal Credit Union membership

Notify the Rutgers Federal Credit Union in writing of your change of status, providing updated address information. For additional assistance, contact the Rutgers Federal Credit Union

Contact Parking and Transportation Services for reimbursement of remaining time on University parking permit

Visit the Parking and Transportation Services page for more information

Return any Rutgers property before you leave
  • Turn in all keys and access cards, one-time password tokens (for example, Secure ID, SAFEWORD) to your supervisor
  • Return University equipment (pagers, cell phones, computers, tools, etc) and petty cash funds to your department
  • Ensure all cash advances are cleared