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Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

The Rutgers Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is a benefit available to administrative staff, faculty, and eligible dependents to help address personal, family, behavioral concerns as well as work-related difficulties.

Faculty and Staff Assistance

Employee Counseling - Mission and Values

We are committed to enhancing individual, family, and organizational health through counseling, assessment, referral, and case management. We do this by providing education, training, and consultation services. Our philosophy of care is simply to provide the highest-quality service that is confidential, appropriate, and respectful of the specific needs of the individuals seeking our assistance.

  • To partner with a myriad of university departments and professional organizations in order to advance workplace health and harmony.
  • To promote continuous professional development and personal growth.
  • To foster a university community that practices shared decision making, open communication, collaboration, and provides a healthy balance between work and family.
Employee Counseling – Confidentiality

The conversations you have with our counselors are completely confidential. No one, including your supervisor, family, or anyone else, has access to information you discuss with your counselor unless you specifically give written permission for that information to be shared. Certain exceptions are outlined below in our confidentiality policy section.

If you do not want your coworkers or supervisor to know you are speaking to a counselor, appointments can be made during lunch hours or breaks. Counselors will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. If you are particularly uneasy about coming to our office, in some cases we will arrange to meet with you at a location in which you are more comfortable.

Confidentiality Policy

The policies of the Rutgers Faculty and Staff Assistance Program follow the ethical codes of the Employee Assistance Society of North America, a professional organization that sets standards for similar programs across the country. Those standards ensure that the information shared with the FSAP counselor is confidential with limited exceptions as described below:

  1. If it appears to the counselor that there is a likelihood of danger to the health and safety of the client or another individual, or if there is a likelihood of the commission of a felony or violent misdemeanor, it is the counselor's duty to warn the appropriate other(s) involved.
  2. Counselors are mandated by state law to report to the Division of Youth and Family Services any suspected child abuse or neglect, abuse of the elderly, or abuse of a disabled adult.
  3. If an employee discloses the habitual use of alcohol and/or other drugs, the FSAP counselor will assist in arranging a medical leave of absence for treatment of this condition, if needed. The specific condition for a leave of absence will not be conveyed to the employee's supervisor or any other person. The personnel record will only reflect the fact of a medical leave of absence. The employee's supervisor will be notified by human resources only that the employee is taking a medical leave of absence.
  4. Disclosure of theft or stealing of any property of Rutgers University will be reported to the Rutgers University Police Department.
  5. If an employee is involved in behavior that appears to be either dangerous or abusive to him/herself or others, it is the counselor's duty to disclose this behavior to the appropriate supervisor.
  6. Information will be disclosed when such disclosure is compelled by a court order or government agency that has the legal authority to require such a disclosure.
  7. When an employee is directly referred by his/her supervisor to the FSAP, the supervisor will be advised whether the employee has kept the initial appointment. No other information is disclosed to the supervisor without a written release from the employee, or as specified in the above conditions.

The FSAP counselor may consult with professional counselors, psychologists, and other specialized or service personnel within the FSAP or the community in order to help an employee address their concerns. Confidentiality is maintained with these contacts.

Our Services
Areas of service:
  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Bereavement
  • Career satisfaction
  • Child/adolescent development
  • Interpersonal/family relationships
  • Job productivity
  • Mental health
  • Organizational change/development
  • Supervisory concerns
  • Workplace conflict resolution

Problems that are interfering with one's ability to function effectively at work are appropriate to bring to the assistance program. We also offer consultation for those seeking help with one of the university's related services or policies, for example, harassment, workplace violence, or sexual assault. Costs for outside services, if referrals are made, are the responsibility of the client. Health insurance may cover some or all of these costs.

Departmental Resource

University departments or groups of staff can request assistance when facing a shared predicament such as the death of a coworker, serious illness, inappropriate behavior in the workplace, crime, or workplace transition.

Assessment, Counseling, and Referral
  • You have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, receive counseling and/or referrals to appropriate outside agencies, and make decisions about how to handle your needs in the workplace.
  • Counseling is provided by a licensed, credentialed counselor.
  • Common areas of concern for staff include family relationships, bereavement, caring for adult family members, child and adolescent development, and substance abuse.
  • Conversations with counselors are completely confidential.
  • Consultations can be provided to supervisors, administrators, coworkers, or family members who have concerns about the mental health of someone else.
  • Supervisors can request assistance with managing a poorly performing employee where there is a known or suspected personal problem that is negatively affecting the employee's job performance.
  • Department leaders can request assistance with organizational change and transition or group conflict resolution. Workshops can be tailored to the unique needs of a specific administrative or faculty unit.
Programa de Asistencia

El Programa de Asistencia para la Facultad y Empleados (FSAP) de la universidad provee servicios de asesoramiento y referidos para la comunidad universitaria. A través de la colaboración con varias universidades y agencias de la comunidad, el Programa de Asistencia para la Facultad y Empleados promueve un ambiente harmonioso y reconoce los retos y necesidades de los empleados de Rutgers. Todos los empleados administrativos, la facultad y sus familiares más cercanos califican para recibir nuestros servicios confidenciales de gratis. Para obtener más información sobre nuestros servicios por favor lea nuestra misión y valores éticos.

Áreas de Servicios Proporcionados
  • El uso de alcohol y otras drogas
  • Como lidiar con una perdida de un ser querido
  • Satisfacción profesional
  • Desarrollo infantil y de adolescencia
  • Relaciones interpersonales
  • Productividad laboral
  • Salud mental
  • Desarrollos y cambios organizacionales
  • Asuntos de supervisores
  • Conflictos y soluciones laborales
Para servicios de emergencia y crisis por favor llamen al:
  • 848-932-3956
  • Fax: 732-932-8642
  • si este es su caso
  • Para hacer citas por favor llame entre las horas de 8:30 a.m. hasta las 4:30 p.m.

Los problemas que interfieren con nuestra habilidad de cumplir nuestras obligaciones laborales son bienvenidos al Programa de Asistencia para la Facultad y Empleados. También ofrecemos consultas para aquellos que necesiten ayuda con asuntos relacionados con los reglamentos o pólizas universitarias, por ejemplo hostigamiento, acoso sexual y violencia en el trabajo. El cliente es responsable de cubrir gastos de servicios rendidos fuera de la universidad. Su seguro medico puede que cubra una parte o todos los costos.

Contact Us

Our Employee Assistance Counselor for Faculty and Staff can be reached via email at or via phone at 848-932-3956. RBHS employees may visit the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) website for more information.