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Layoff Checklist for Managers

Provide the Employee with their BC-10 Form

Coordinate with your department on who is sending the BC-10 form to your employee(s).

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development mandates that all employers, including Rutgers, issue Form BC-10 (Instructions for Claiming Unemployment Benefits) to employees who are separated from employment. Form BC-10 must be given to any employee who becomes unemployed for any reason, whether the unemployment is permanent or temporary. The law also requires that employers provide separated workers with the following additional information on Form BC-10:

  • Date the worker becomes unemployed.
  • Recall date, in cases where the employment separation is temporary.
  • Notification that the employee may lose some or all benefits if a claim is not filed in a timely manner.

All sections of the form must be completed and provided to the employee. If you have additional questions regarding the BC-10 form, please contact the OneSource Service Center at 732-745-SERV (7378).

Meet With Each Employee Being Laid Off

When the employee receives their layoff letter, they may have questions for you. You can direct them to the Employee Checklist for Layoff (link to the Employee Checklist for Layoff page) on this site. There is also a a one-page resource for a layoff that can be printed here

Ensure HR Systems Are Up to Date
Absence Reporting System (ARS)

Log into the Absence Reporting System (ARS) to ensure the absence records are updated and attached to the employee’s Job Data Record in HCM/PeopleSoft, this allows the employee to receive payout of accrued time at separation.


Upload the official layoff letter to the employee’s Job Data Record.

Ensure Return of All Rutgers Property

When an employee leaves a department or the university, this checklist can be used to ensure a smooth transition.

(Note: This checklist below is designed for most University employees. Individual departments and employees may require additional or different actions or arrangements upon separation. Please consult your divisional/departmental policies for special requirements.)

The employee should:

  • Turn in all keys and access cards, one-time password tokens (for example, Secure ID, SAFEWORD) to you, their immediate supervisor.
  • Return University equipment (pagers, cell phones, computers, tools, etc.) and petty cash funds to your department
Special Materials

If your department works directly with Hazardous or Controlled Materials, these additional steps may be required.

Ensure all chemicals, radioactive materials, and other hazardous materials or samples are properly labeled, stored, and/or disposed. Visually inspect your work area prior to separation for any hazardous or controlled materials that are not stored properly. Secure all hazardous materials. Contact Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety (REHS) if you have specific questions. Require employee to turn in any radiation dose monitoring badges to REHS.