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Can I elect a different carrier?

Yes, for example an employee enrolled in NJ DIRECT 15 may elect to enroll in one of the HMO plans under COBRA.

Can I elect a reduced level of COBRA coverage?

Yes, however you may not increase level of coverage while on COBRA unless there is a qualifying event such as a birth or marriage.

How do I enroll?

Employees and/or dependents will be provided with a COBRA Notice by University Human Resources. Benefitsolver is the COBRA administrator for the SHBP and SEHBP, and continuation of coverage elections must be made through Benefitsolver. Navigate to mynjbenefitshub, or you may log in through myNewJersey.

How long may COBRA coverage continue?

  • 18 months - termination of employment, change in job status, or leave of absence
  • 29 months - if on Social Security disability status
  • 36 months - death of employee, divorce, or dependent loses eligibility status

What are the COBRA rates?

What is COBRA?

COBRA is an acronym for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. It is a Federal law that provides employees and dependents who would otherwise lose coverage an opportunity to purchase health benefits for a limited time.

What is the deadline for enrolling into COBRA?

Continuation of coverage elections must be made in Benefitsolver within 60 days of the loss of coverage. Failure to do so within the time frame allowed by law is considered a decision not to enroll.

When do I pay the premium?

You are responsible for paying the cost of your coverage under COBRA, which is the full group rate plus a two percent administrative fee. Businessolver will bill you on a monthly basis. Accounts delinquent over 45 days will be closed and insurance coverage terminated retroactively to the date of last payment, or to the end of the month in which claims were submitted. If you do not receive a monthly bill or misplace it, contact Businessolver. It is your responsibility to make payment on a timely basis. For information on the billing notice, please review Fact Sheet #30 on the COBRA SHBP website.

Where can I direct COBRA billing questions?

Any Billing questions must be referred to the Benefitsolver COBRA Helpdesk at 1-833-929-1101.

Who is eligible?

Employees and dependents enrolled in State Health Benefits at the time of a "COBRA event” resulting in the loss of coverage are eligible.

Will there be a break in continuous coverage after COBRA enrollment?

No, the COBRA start date coincides with the active coverage end date.