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Shared Work Furlough Program Checklist for Employees

Your furlough letter may contain the following information:

Furlough Schedule

Your furlough letter will indicate the number of Furlough Days and Working Days in the pay period. You will continue to be paid at your current salary rate ONLY for Working Days which will result in a reduced bi-weekly paycheck.

University Human Resources has developed a furlough gross income calculator to provide an estimate of the change in gross income during the period of furlough. This will also help you to account for additional items you may have currently being deducted from your gross income. The calculator can be accessed through the following link: Income Estimator.

Even though you are furloughed you are likely eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits. To learn more about how apply for unemployment benefits please visit the Claiming Unemployment page of this site.

You may still use your accrued sick, vacation, PLB, Administrative Leave (LV), Mandatory Leave (ML) days, and Personal Holidays (PL) only for a scheduled work day.