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Shared Work Furlough Gross Income Estimator


This tool is meant to be used as a means to estimate how a furlough will affect your future earnings at Rutgers University. The calculations provided are not to be interpreted as what you will receive in future payments. The calculations provided are meant to give rough estimations as to what to expect during the furlough period.

Note: Please enter only digits. Do not use commas, dollar signs, or other symbols when entering salary value

Use this field in order to help estimate additional deductions that will be taken out of your paycheck. Examples of additional deductions include:
  • Voluntary retirement contributions to a 403(b) or deferred compensation (457) account
  • Paying back a pension loan
  • Paying for purchased items at Kite+Key
  • * Other Deductions does not take into account deduction tax status before or after tax.
  • ** Group Life Insurance is not calculated in the final results of this tool


Bi-weekly Compensation

  100% Furloughed
Health Deduc.    
Rx Deduc.    
Dental Deduc.    
Other Deduc.    
Gross Pay Check    
Federal Unemployment Benefits    
NJ Unemployment Benefits    
Total UI Benefits    
Gross Income    
Important Items:
  1. This calculator does not take into account your eligibility to receive NJ Unemployment Benefits based on your own personal circumstances. You should contact the New Jersey Division of Unemployment Insurance to determine eligibility in receiving unemployment benefits.
  2. Shared Work Furlough Program participants will be eligible upon passage of stimulus package legislation. These benefits expire on March 14, 2021
  3. The above calculations do not take into account federal and state taxes withheld. To calculate these taxes based on your current circumstances, you should consult with a tax specialist or you may utilize this free tax calculator to come up with a rough estimate.

Tax Witholding Estimator