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Sick Time - Staff Employees

Sick Paid Time Off

Sick Time for Full-time 12-month Staff Employees

  • Staff employees receive one day of sick time for each full calendar month worked from the date of employment to the end of the fiscal year.  With the exception of certain aligned (union) employees listed below:
    • 1 Day per Month Rate:
      • AFSCME 888 employees hired on or after 7/1/00
        (increases to 1 ¼ after 12 years)
        AFSCME COLT employees hired on or after 7/1/00
        (increases to 1 ¼ after 7 years)
        FOP employees hired on or after 10/15/01
        IUOE employees hired on or after 7/1/99
        (increases to 1 ¼ after 12 years)
        EOF employees hired on or after 7/1/02
    • 1 ¼ Day per Month Rate:
      • AFSCME 888 employees hired before 7/1/00
        AFSCME COLT employees hired before 7/1/00
        FOP employees hired before 10/15/01
        IUOE employees hired before 7/1/99
        EOF employees hired before 7/1/02
        Doctors Council (formerly USPD)
        Non-aligned staff
  • The accrual rate does not rise above 1¼ days per month
  • Cumulative
  • 10-month staff employees receive sick time only for the months of September to June
  • Part-time staff employees receive a prorated amount of sick time based on the part-time percentage
  • You cannot have a negative balance of sick time
  • There is no cash payment for unused sick time except upon retirement

Always refer to the appropriate Collective Negotiations Agreement for more detailed information on sick time and sick leave, or contact the Office of Labor Relations at 848-932-3914

For Sick Time Care of Self and/or Others

  • Sick Time for Care of Self
    • Sick time is a necessary period of absence because of illness that requires you to be absent from work.
  • Sick Leave for Care of Others
    • Sick Leave is a period of time that you are unable to work as a result of having to provide emergency attendance to a member of your immediate family who is seriously ill.  For more information please refer to the Sick Time and Sick Leave Policy: University Policy 60.3.5
  • Sick Leave to Care for Family Member Certification Form (MPSC employees)
  • URA-AFT Labor Agreement - Certification Form available in appendix (URA-AFT employees)