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Leave Of Absence

This information is intended to inform you of medical or family leaves of absence or other university leaves of absence that may be available to you and your benefits while you are on a leave of absence without salary.

Leaves of Absence

Learn more about leaves of absence: eligibility criteria, qualifying reasons, and required notices/forms.

Military Leave

Employees who have been involuntarily recalled to active military duty, aside from their regular annual training obligations, may be entitled to a paid leave of absence and/or supplementary salary differential.

Continuation and/or conversion of life insurance

Learn more about the continuation and/or conversion of your life insurance after your leave of absence.

Medical, prescription drug, and dental coverage

To continue medical, prescription drug, and dental coverage, you must pay required premiums. Learn more here.

New Jersey Family Leave Insurance (FLI)

Family Leave Insurance is a wage-replacement program similar to New Jersey’s Temporary Disability Insurance program and replaces lost income when an employee is on an unpaid leave of absence for the care of others under certain circumstances.

Retirement plans

Learn more about the different retirement plans such as PERS/PFRS and ABP.

Temporary and long term disability

Learn more about Temporary and Long Term Disability Benefits