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Alternate Benefit Program (ABP)

Plan Overview

The Alternate Benefit Program (ABP) is a defined contribution plan where retirement benefits are based on investment earnings.


  • Regularly appointed faculty
  • Visiting professors
  • Part-time lecturers
  • Managerial, Professional, Supervisory, Confidential and Administrative staff
  • Employees holding "F" or "J" visas are not eligible to enroll.

Employee Contribution

5% of base salary made on a pretax basis

Employer Contribution

8% employer match of employees’ base salary up to an annual salary of $175,000 ($14,000) based on the state of NJ regulation


Immediate or one-year delayed vesting

Criteria for Immediate Vesting

A new employee who already owns a retirement contract containing employer and employee contributions due to higher education employment or a new employee who is an active or vested member of another state-administered retirement system in the U.S. is considered vested.

How to Enroll

Complete the following forms:

Please return the completed forms to your Human Resources department

Newsletter Highlights

First Quarter 2021 Newsletter

How to Retire

Retirement Seminar

If you are contemplating retirement within the next 6 months, consider attending a retirement seminar. You can enroll online by selecting the "Employee Benefit and Work-Life Programs" menu option.