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Performance Management

Performance Management is an on-going partnership between supervisors and employees, working together to accomplish university and departmental goals. The process focuses on the alignment of employee roles and goals with the university’s mission and on supporting development and performance.

Essential elements of this approach include:

  • Clarifying job responsibilities, agreed-upon goals, and performance expectations
  • Communicating regularly by giving and receiving feedback throughout the year on performance, goals, and expectations
  • Seeking and supporting continuous learning, professional growth, and development
  • Celebrating achievement and rewarding exemplary performance

Employees are responsible for ongoing communication with their supervisors about their performance – participating fully in planning their development, and for continually striving for excellence in all they do in support of departmental and campus goals.

Supervisors are responsible for developing performance expectations in partnership with employees – communicating throughout the performance management cycle about employee goals, supporting employee development, recognizing successful performance and coaching for improved performance, and ensuring that employees have the tools, resources, and learning opportunities to successfully meet their job responsibilities and contribute meaningfully to the department and the larger organization.

Following are performance management resources and tools to guide you through the performance management process:

Performance Management for Non-Aligned (Non-Union) Employees

Performance Management for Aligned (Union) Employees

Additional Resources: