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OneRED Trend

OneRED seeks to promote a culture of continuous learning and introspection that empowers employees to drive their development through the building of the Rutgers Competencies and impactful learning experiences so they can be successful, grow, and thrive at the university.

We invite you to use OneRED Trend as your primary source of curated, timely research and resources to help you in your career.

Organizational & Talent Development Resources

Mid-Year Review for non-aligned employees runs from December 6 to January 31. To make the most of this cycle, use the resources below; they can also help you to get ready for non-aligned End-of-Year Review (May 1 – June 30).

Mid-Year Review for Employees
Mid-Year Review for Managers
Listen to short summaries of bestselling books on Blinkist (via LinkedIn Learning)

Recent studies have shown that 80% of resolutions are abandoned by February – how are you doing this year? Learn how to commit to new habits using Blinkist (via LinkedIn Learning) by listening to 15-minute audio summaries of bestselling novels.

Latest Research
  • The Scarlet Cap Issue 9 – Essays from Rutgers University’s Organizational Leadership Program participants.
  • Surgeon General’s Report on Workplace Wellbeing – Did you know that your workplace can have an impact on your physical and mental help (for good and bad)? That is why the U.S. Surgeon General’s office made it a 2023 priority. Click to learn more about their findings.

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