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Affirmative Action Programs

Rutgers University is required by federal affirmative action regulations to prepare affirmative action programs (AAPs) to monitor the success of our affirmative action and equal employment opportunity policies and practices. The Office of Employment Equity gathers demographic information in order to comply with federal recordkeeping requirements and to assist us in developing and monitoring the university’s AAPs.

Staff and faculty may choose to voluntarily disclose their sex, race, ethnicity, disability and protected veteran status by completing the online Self-ID form. You may complete the form or update your race/ethnicity and gender at any time during your employment at Rutgers. Current employees may also complete the Disability Survey online. Self-identification is voluntary and non-submission will not influence employment decisions. Any information provided will be kept confidential, consistent with applicable law.

Your provision of demographic data allows Rutgers to engage in critical analysis of the workforce and personnel processes that are crucial to the fulfillment of our goals of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.