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Twelve-Month to Ten-Month

Retirement Plans

Payroll deductions for the months of July and August will be suspended.  You will receive pension-credited service for the months of July and August when you return to active pay status in September.

Life Insurance

Life insurance continues during July and August.  Payroll deductions, if applicable, will be suspended in July and August.

Long Term Disability

For ABP participants, long-term disability continues during July and August.
For PERS/PFRS/FERS/CSRS optional Long Term Disability plan members, you will be billed by the insurance company for the months of July and August.  Payroll deductions will resume in September.

Health Plans

Your medical, prescription drug, and dental coverage will continue through the months of July and August. You will have extra payroll deductions for the dental plans in June to cover the months of July and August.

The vision care plan is suspended during July and August and resumes in September when reappointed.

Tuition Remission

You continue to be eligible for tuition remission as long as you meet all other eligibility requirements.

Paid Time Off

When a 12-month staff member’s employment changes from 12-month to 10-month, existing Administrative Leave, Personal Holidays, Vacation and Sick days are not reduced, however, paid-time-off is not accrued during the months of July and August.