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The Rutgers Caregiver Support Pilot Program has been extended through August 31, 2024! Consider for your holiday backup care needs and take advantage of the employee discounts available through LifeMart. Learn more here.

Caregiver Support Program

January | View PDF Schedule
January 4th Resolutions: Staying Strong & Resilient
January 17th Aging & Adult Care: Putting YOU in the Care Equation
January 24th Today's Family: Challenges & Changes
January 25th Your Healthy Lifestyle: Eat Your Way to a Healthy Year
February | View PDF Schedule
February 13th Balancing Act: Nurturing Your Well-being as a Family Caregiver
February 14th Financial Wellness: Tax Tips
February 15th Succeed at Work: Fostering Inclusion
February 21st Brain+Heart Health Connection: 12 Ways to Reduce Alzheimers & Heart Disease Risk
February 28th Child Care & Parenting: Raising Children in a Diverse World
March | View PDF Schedule
March 7th Emotional Wellness: Managing Fear & Anxiety
March 12th Disability & Neurodiversity: Planning for Summer Travel & Camp
March 20th Aging & Adult Care: Sleep Science & Relaxation to Calm Caregivers
March 27th Child Care & Parenting: Communicating & Resolving Conflict with Your Teen
April | View PDF Schedule
April 10th Financial Wellness: Overcoming Debt
April 17th Aging & Adult Care: How to Modify Our Homes for More Safety, Serenity & Less Stress
April 24th Child Care & Parenting: Teaching Children About Money
April 25th Your Healthy Lifestyle: Eating Right on the Run & on a Budget
May | View PDF Schedule
May 2nd Emotional Wellness: Tools to Live Your Best Life
May 15th Aging & Adult Care: Caregiver Burnout
May 16th Managing Strong Emotions
May 22nd Child Care & Parenting: Summer Care & Camp Options
June | View PDF Schedule
June 11th Disability & Neurodiversity: Parenting a Child with ADD/ADHD
June 12th Financial Wellness: Creating a Budget
June 20th Succeed at Work: Juggling Act (The Five Buckets)
June 26th Child Care & Parenting: Internet Information for Parents
July | View PDF Schedule
July 11th Emotional Wellness: The Path to Inner Peace
July 17th Aging & Adult Care: Caregiver 911
July 18th Succeed at Work: Positive Effect of Self-Esteem on Performance
July 25th Your Healthy Lifestyle: Dealing with Sleep Issues
August | View PDF Schedule
August 14th Financial Wellness: Retirement & Estate Planning
August 15th Succeed at Work: Maximizing Your Time
August 22nd Your Healthy Lifestyle: Brain Health
August 28th Child Care & Parenting: Children & Stress
September | View PDF Schedule
September 5th Emotional Wellness: Prioritizing Self-Care
September 10th Disability & Neurodiversity: The Importance of Self-Care for Parents
September 18th Aging & Adult Care: Alzherimers Disease & Dimentia Care
September 25th Child Care & Parenting: Success in School
October | View PDF Schedule
October 9th Financial Wellness: Planning Your Financial Future
October 16th Aging & Adult Care: The Costs of Care
October 23rd Child Care & Parenting: Achieve Balance
October 24th Your Healthy Lifestyle: Healthy Meal Planning
November | View PDF Schedule
November 7th Emotional Wellness: Gratitiude
November 13th Financial Wellness: Hoiday Budgeting
November 20th Aging & Adult Care: Holiday Gift Guide
November 21st Succeed at Work: Holiday Survival Guide
December | View PDF Schedule
December 5th Emotional Wellness: Forgiveness
December 10th Disability & Neurodiversity: Set Your Goals
December 16th Raising Well-Balanced Children
December 18th Aging & Adult Care: Family Meetings & Having the Care Conversation
December 23rd Your Healthy Lifestyle: Street Management