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New Employee Welcome

Welcome to the Rutgers Community

As you begin your career at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, I am very pleased to welcome you to our university community. We could not have achieved the successes that we have within the higher education community without the contributions of our skilled, talented, and hard-working employees and we are excited to have you join our team. We expect that you will find your work here fulfilling and that it will provide you with opportunities to learn and grow both professionally and personally. We are committed to offering you a competitive salary, generous benefits, and the chance to be a part of an exciting campus community.

The University Human Resources team takes pride in the services offered to be your partner in success. This site is designed to make it easier for you to transition successfully into your new role.

Thank you in advance for the many contributions you will make here. I wish you every success in your career at Rutgers.

Vivian Fernández
Senior Vice President for Human Resources

Understanding Your Job Offer

Employee Name

We understand and respect that your chosen name is an important part of your identity. However, we are required to use your legal name for all official HR and payroll documentation to mitigate any potentially adverse impacts (e.g., difficulty filing income taxes, penalties for delays in filing, and delays in refund payments if applicable.)

Start Date

This start date is contingent upon timely completion of all pre-employment screenings and may need to be pushed back if there are any delays in the onboarding process.

Work Arrangement

The flexible work arrangements outlined in Rutgers Policy 60.3.22 are part of a pilot program through August 31, 2024. Flexible work arrangements are not permanent, are subject to change, and contingent on the employee receiving approval in the FlexWork@RU Application System after discussions with your Hiring Manager.

FLSA Status

Exempt positions are not eligible for overtime based on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Non-exempt positions may be entitled to receive overtime compensation in accordance with the FLSA, University policy, and the terms and conditions of their collective negotiations agreement.

Union Affiliation

Not covered: This position is not covered under a Collective Negotiations Agreement and is "at-will." Your employment may be terminated with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time.

Covered: This position is covered under the Collective Negotiations Agreement noted on your offer of employment term sheet. A union representative may contact you to discuss membership.

License/Certification Requirements

You may be asked to provide original documents to a Human Resources or Hiring Unit Representative. Continued employment may be contingent upon a valid license, certification, or permit.

Completing Your Pre-Employment Screenings

Background Check

Within two business days, you will receive an email from with a link to submit your personal and employer information. Please complete this screening within 5 days of receipt.


Under Policy 100.3.1, Rutgers may require proof of Seasonal Influenza vaccination. Prospective employees should speak with their Hiring Manager to determine if this policy is applicable. You will receive an email from with instructions to upload your vaccination information or to apply for a medical or religious exemption. Please complete this screening within 5 days of receipt. Upon completion, you must forward the confirmation email to your departmental Human Resources Representative. If your exemption request is denied, please forward that email to discuss next steps.

Employment Eligibility (I-9) and E-Verify

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 requires all employers to certify the identity and work eligibility of all new employees. Accordingly, you must present required documents, in person, within three business days of your first day of employment after completing Section I of the I-9 Form. In the event that the E-Verify system issues a “Tentative Non-Confirmation (TNC)”, you will be notified and given the opportunity to respond. If subsequent to a TNC the system issues a “Final Non-Confirmation”, your offer of employment will be rescinded. Visit for more information.


The Rutgers NetID is a unique identifier which gives you access to the systems required for your position. You will receive an email from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) with directions to activate your NetID. If you do not receive this email, please visit or contact your hiring department for assistance.


Your RUID Card is your official university ID. Please visit the Identity and Access Management (IAM) webpage prior to your official start date to upload a photo for your RUID.

Before You Start

Set Up Your NetID

All faculty, staff, and students are assigned a unique Rutgers identifier known as a NetID. In order to access most electronic services at Rutgers, you must activate your Rutgers NetID and set a password. During the activation process you will establish your Rutgers email address and set up services. Additional information on computing resources can be found in the Faculty Staff Technology Guides.

Explore State & Non-State Benefits

As a new employee at Rutgers University, you are afforded a generous benefits package. In order to take advantage of these benefits, you must enroll in the specific programs that you are eligible for. After attending the New Employee Orientation, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following information:

Complete I-9 & E-Verify Process

New employees should complete section I of the I-9 by the end of their first day of employment. A list of acceptable documents needed for the I-9 can be found here.

Check In With Your Manager

Check in with your new manager/supervisor to review first day information. This includes where to meet them when you arrive on your first day, what documents you may need to bring, where to park, and other key details.

Set Up Your Employee ID Card

The RUID Card is your official university identification card providing access to certain facilities and benefits based on your job responsibilities, applicable policies, and the terms and conditions of your employment. After your new employee record has been created by your department, please upload your favorite business-appropriate ID card photo to the online photo submission website. This photo upload process is available via desktop computer or mobile device. Once your photo is uploaded, you will be able to stop by University Human Resources (UHR) to pick up your new RUID card. When arriving at UHR you will have to show a valid form of government-issued photo identification before you are presented with your RUID card.

For additional information about the RUID Card, please visit the ID Card website.

Register for Parking

The Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) is committed to providing all members of the Rutgers community with the best possible solutions for getting around campus safely and easily. The university maintains various parking facilities including permit-controlled lots and decks, access-controlled lots, and restricted assigned lots. Transportation to, from, and on all campuses includes campus transit and shuttle services, walking and bike paths, and public transportation services. Access parking information here.

If you attend the weekly New Employee Orientation, your department can provide your car information along with your orientation registration to obtain a temporary guest parking permit.

Plan Your Commute

Take the time to plan your new commute into the office. Review maps, account for traffic, and take a test trip or two to familiarize yourself with your new commute.

First Day

Attend Benefits Orientation and Information

The New Employee Orientation (NEO) is designed specifically for new full-time employees to learn more about Rutgers and help them to successfully acclimate to the University. Participants will also receive information on the many opportunities and array of benefits afforded to them as a Rutgers employee, including health plans, paid time off, and pension programs. Information regarding your orientation date, time, and location can be found in your offer letter.

If you have not received an email to your personal email address with information about New Employee Orientation by your first day, please reach out to your manager or HR representative.

New Employee Orientation Location
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

New Employee Orientation sessions will be held each Monday at 9 a.m.- Noon in the University Human Resources Community Room, ASB II on the G.H. Cook Campus. During the months of July and August, sessions may be held twice weekly. Parking is available in the main lot at ASB II.

Rutgers University-Camden

New Employees Orientation sessions for Rutgers–Camden will be held on the first available Monday of each calendar month, from 9:00am to 4:30pm at the Rutgers University–Camden Welcome Center at 330 Cooper St., Camden NJ 08102. Questions regarding the Rutgers University–Camden NEO can be directed to

Rutgers University-Newark

New Employee Orientation sessions for Rutgers–Newark will be offered every other Monday. Orientation sessions are scheduled from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. in the Human Resources Training Room, 45 Bleeker Street, Newark, NJ 07102.Contact the Rutgers–Newark Human Resources Office at (973) 353-5500 for information regarding program scheduling and details.


New Employee Orientation sessions will be held every other Monday at 9 a.m. at RBHS–Newark. Orientation sessions will be held in the Administrative Complex (ADMC), Building 1, Room 101 located at 30 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ 07107.

Enrolling in Benefits Checklist

We are excited to have you join the Rutgers team! At your new employee orientation session, you will receive a copy of this new hire benefits enrollment checklist which will be explained in greater detail and is designed to help you navigate through your first 7, 14, and 30 days at Rutgers. We encourage you to look through the remaining sections on this new employee welcome page and reach out to the OneSource Faculty & Staff Service Center with any questions.

First Two Weeks

Enroll In Benefits

As a new employee at Rutgers University, you are afforded a generous benefits package. To take advantage of these benefits, you must enroll in the specific programs that you are eligible for. After attending the New Employee Orientation, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following information:

Questions regarding your benefits can be answered by using our OneSource Faculty and Staff Service Center.

Return New Hire Pension/Retirement Forms

Enrollment in your mandatory retirement program, whether it is the Public Employee Retirement System, Alternate Benefits Program, Police and Fire Retirement System, or another offered plan, is not automatic. You must complete the appropriate paperwork and return the forms to the OneSource Faculty and Staff Service Center. More information regarding each of these plans can be found in the materials provided to you during New Employee Orientation or on the UHR Pension webpage.

Self-Identification for Individuals with Disabilities and Protected Veterans

Complete the self-identification form for individuals with disabilities or protected veterans.

Become Familiar with Employee Self Service Through MyRutgers

By accessing employee self-service through the myRutgers portal (, employees can see paystubs, paid time off balances, update W-2 & W-4 information, and direct deposit among other information.

Meet & Greets

Take time to meet with your coworkers and introduce yourself to others in the office.

Adjust Your Workspace

Setup your workspace: bring in some photos and personal items to make your office/workspace a warm and inviting place to work.

Review Training Schedule

Discuss with your manager/supervisor the plan to train in your new position. A training schedule may be used to help facilitate this process.

In order to comply with federal and State guidelines and ensure a safe, productive and healthy work environment at Rutgers, new employees may be required to complete training in the following areas:

  1. Unlawful Harassment Prevention Training (all employees)
  2. Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety Training
  3. Defensive Driving
  4. FOR RBHS ONLY - State-Mandated Compliance Training
Review Rutgers Ethics Information

All employees are expected to understand the importance of ethics at Rutgers University. ALL employees will receive, and be expected to review and become familiar with, copies of the Rutgers University Code of Ethics and the Rutgers Plain Language Guide to Fundamental Ethics and Conflicts Rules Established by State Law, Federal Law, and University Policy. The policies may be found at the Rutgers Ethics Armor website and ALL employees must login and update their Outside Activity Questionnaire immediately upon hiring at the Armor website. For more information on the ethics programs please go to the University Ethics and Compliance webpage.

Additional Resources
  • Rutgers University Website: Rutgers has an extensive web site with many useful resources, including links to all the official university web pages, such as colleges, schools, and academic departments. There are also links to pages for finding campus phone numbers and email addresses of faculty, staff, and students, a comprehensive calendar of events, a building directory; and online maps for directions to on-campus locations.
  • Campus Information Services: Campus Information Services serves as Rutgers' central source for information and referral and is a credible, accessible gateway to Rutgers and its community. RU-info's services include the RU-info Call Center, Ask Colonel Henry email Q&A service, the online Calendar of Events; Off-Campus Housing Service; online campus maps and map distribution; and free historical tours. In addition to offering more than 60 channels in its video network, RU-tv provides opportunities for student production, university programming, and academic support.

First Month

Complete Required Trainings

Review the Rutgers University Code of Ethics and the Rutgers Plain Language Guide to Fundamental Ethics and Conflicts Rules Established by State Law, Federal Law and University Policy. Complete and return the Receipt and Acknowledgement Form to University Human Resources (staff) or Office of Academic Affairs (faculty). This should be sent to your university email within your first month.

Learn About the University

Learn more about the University, its history, and what is around your workplace.

Camden Campus

Campus Dining Options:

  • The Campus Center features a full-service dining hall for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks—and even take-out service.
  • Starbucks, also in the Campus Center, is indispensable for morning coffee and afternoon pick-me-ups.
  • The Bridge Café, located in the law school building, serves up soup, sandwiches, snacks, and drinks.
  • The Corner in the Campus Center offers great grab-and-go options when you’re on the run.

Campus Map:

New Brunswick & Piscataway Campuses

Campus Dining Options

  • A complete list of open and available establishments can be found here.

Campus Maps:

Rutgers New Brunswick is comprised of four campuses:

A complete map of Rutgers can be found here.

Newark Campus

Campus Dining Options:

Campus Map:

Get Involved in the University Community

Explore potential volunteer opportunities:

Explore events:

Review Policies and Agreements

Explore applicable policies and agreements that pertain to your position:

Enroll In The Emergency Notification System

The Emergency Notification System (ENS) is used at Rutgers University to send emergency text messages to alert subscribed users on their cell phones during situations of emergency as deemed by Public Safety. Periodically, ENS alerts are also sent out for the purposes of system test.

Explore Employee Discounts

As a benefit of your employment with the university, you have access to discounts from thousands of local and national vendors. University Human Resources would like to personally invite you to join the Rutgers University Employee Discount Program provided by Abenity. Offers are added and updated on a regular basis so please visit the site frequently.

Explore Rutgers Search

Use the Rutgers Search to find people, websites, buildings, events, university units, and other things such as great places to eat, have fun, and meet people around campus.

Does everything look accurate? Is your office phone number missing? Do you have a preferred name other than your official name? Is your NetID showing instead of your personalized work email? If so, you can change or correct these. Update information via myRutgers.

First Three to Six Months

Explore Training and Development Opportunities

Explore Learning & Development Courses available for you.

Check in with Your Manager

Routinely follow up with your manager/supervisor regarding your continued onboarding journey. As we move through the first six months and beyond additional areas of learning may present themselves.