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OneRED Leader Coaching Program (Pilot)

Introduced as a pilot program in 2022, the OneRED Leader Coaching Pilot Program is a highly personalized digital coaching program that allows leaders to become the best version of themselves. OneRED Leader Coaching provides 6-months of personalized 1-1 coaching and development that cultivates critical leadership skills and behaviors to maximize the potential of Rutgers staff leaders at all levels. The program combines coaching with dynamic digital experiences to accelerate development and growth and is designed to develop leadership skills built for lasting behavior change and impact. The OneRED Leader Coaching Pilot Program offers an individualized and scalable solution to develop strong leaders, propel performance, support well-being, and increase resilience and effectiveness to lead and thrive in today’s environment. This serves to support the strategic direction, success, and sustained growth of the university.
Program FAQs
How are these Services delivered?

Rutgers has partnered with BetterUp to bring together world-class coaching, AI technology, and behavioral science experts to deliver change at scale. BetterUp uses technology and science to enrich the coaching experience and provide a personalized path to growth.

Betterup screenshot
How are Coaches identified and matched?

BetterUp has a robust global network of 1,000+ passionate ICF-certified, rigorously trained coaches.

3 Coach options will be suggested that are tailored to an individual leader’s goals and needs. The leader will review the background, experience, capabilities, and qualifications for each and select the Coach that feels right for them.The Coach will help the leader identify, understand, and own their strengths, so they feel empowered to reach their full potential.

What can Leaders Expect?

The OneRED Leader Coaching Pilot Program:

  • Provides 6-months of unlimited, personalized, confidential, 1-1 executive coaching to Rutgers leaders at all levels
  • Combines coaching with dynamic and personalized digital experiences to accelerate leaders' development and growth through a virtual leadership development platform
  • Is designed to develop leadership skills, built for lasting behavior change and impact
  • Offers an individualized and scalable solution to develop strong leaders, support overall well-being, increase resilience and effectiveness to thrive and lead through change and ambiguity
  • Gives Leaders access to:
    • World-class expert coaching
    • Personalized continuous learning and development
    • Micro-learning activities
    • Anytime, anywhere support
    • Actionable insights and measurable results
What are the benefits of participating?

Through participation in the program, Rutgers leaders will:

  • Gain support from a coach that guides and empowers them to thrive as individuals and inspire as leaders
  • Develop mindsets for growth and transformation
  • Foster self-awareness and introspection
  • Build core leadership skills and behaviors, aligned to Rutgers leadership competencies, to equip them as they navigate critical leadership moments
  • Gain insights from one-on-one, specialist, and on-demand coaching and an extensive library of resources to propel performance and well-being
  • Reduce stress levels, increase resilience, increase social connections
What Can Participants Work on With Their Coach?
  • Increasing self-awareness and empathy
  • Developing better decision-making skills
  • Improving prioritization and goal setting
  • Improving ability to navigate conflict and improve workplace relationships
  • Expanding their impact and amplify their leadership skills through open communication, feedback, listening, and driving influence
  • Creating work-life balance that helps them feel more balanced
  • Building resilience while learning how to navigate challenges
What are the Eligibility Criteria?

We encourage you to submit nominations for leaders that meet the following criteria:

  • Currently hold a position at the level of Associate Director or above
  • Have at least one year of Rutgers service
  • Have consistently demonstrated a strong level of performance
  • Be recognized as having “skilled” proficiency in the Rutgers leadership competencies as defined by the non-aligned Performance Management process
  • Have a proven track record of leadership success as a strategic contributor in areas considered critical to the overall mission of the university, and
  • Be considered as having high capacity for future growth and impact at the university
  • Fall into one of the two categories for Coaching:
    1. Newly Appointed Leaders – to support leaders who have taken on a new assignment or challenging project and/or prepare leaders for current or future expanded responsibilities
    2. Existing Leaders – to support the development of leaders that include the following:
      • High-Potentials/High-Performers
      • Leaders leading critical aspects of the university
      • Leaders leading large teams
      • Support development of leadership skills and behaviors
How do I Nominate my High-Potential Leader for Participation?

150 leaders will participate in the pilot of the OneRED Leader Coaching Program over a period of 12 months. The OneRED Leader Coaching Pilot Program is highly competitive and selective. Each group is carefully selected to achieve a diverse and representative cohort.

To nominate a leader for participation, access the nomination form. 

Support & Contact

For further assistance or additional support, please reach out to the Organizational and Talent Development team.