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Shared Work Furlough Program Checklist for Managers

Once you have received notification from your department of the approval of furloughing your staff, you will need to do the following:

Non-Aligned Shared Work Furlough Program
  • University Human Resources (UHR) will send furlough letters directly to exempt and non-exempt non-aligned employees included in the program.
Aligned Departmental Furlough
  • If your Department is participating in a furlough you will receive the furlough letter from your Department directly

When the employee receives their furlough letter, they may have questions for you. You can direct them to the Employee Furlough Checklist on this site. There is also a one-page resource for furlough that can be printed here.

Absence Reporting System (ARS):

ARS will be updated with the shared work furlough schedule automatically.


Log into Kronos and use the newly added Furlough pay code for timekeeping. A job aid has been created for additional guidance.