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Task Force Composition and Charge

The Future of Work Task Force was structured with university-wide representation including 12 working groups, a union advisory group, faculty subject matter experts, and several subcommittees. The working groups were given a charge within each of their areas of expertise to help guide their work.

FoW Task Force Chair

Charge: Guide the Future of Work Task Force in its effort to realign the university’s commitment to its core mission while considering lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic to support a reimagined workplace of tomorrow.

Vivian Fernandez
Senior Vice President
University Human Resources

Student Needs and Experience Working Group

Charge: Examine the impact of the pandemic on the student experience and how the university is keeping pace with fulfilling the needs of students given the health and well-being of students and current staffing demands and changes. The committee will make recommendations related to student well-being, student needs, and the associated staffing realities. Additionally, the subcommittee will make recommendations regarding transforming the student employment experience into an impactful and valuable work experience that has meaning for the future of work for students.

Student Needs and Experience Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Corlisse Thomas

  • Allison Wisniewski
  • Bernadette So
  • Dayna Weintraub
  • Ji Lee
  • Peter Falk
  • William Jones
  • Sybil James
  • Bil Leipold
  • Mehtap Ferrazzano
  • Douglas Lomonaco
  • Melissa Rivera
  • Anice Thomas

Academic Affairs Working Group

Charge: Examine academic programs and initiatives to support adaptability to an ever-changing workplace and to recommend career readiness skills for flexible work/life paradigms.

Academic Affairs Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Saundra Tomlinson-Clarke

  • Monica Adya
  • Ingrid Fulmer
  • John Gunkel
  • Bill McCarthy
  • Michelle Meloy
  • Carolyn Moehling
  • Sofia Pinto-Figueroa
  • Jeana Wirtenberg
  • Jennifer Lenahan
  • Sharon Bzostek
  • Consuella Askew

Human Resources Working Group

Charge: Identify and recommend strategies to enhance talent acquisition and retention in an evolving job market while establishing guidelines and resources to support the equitable implementation of a reimagined mission-focused workforce and workplace. The Human Resources Subcommittees will focus on four primary subject areas including work schedules and arrangements, talent retention and development, resources and expectations, and labor and compliance.

Human Resources Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Harry Agnostak

  • Kathleen Bramwell
  • Larry Gaines
  • Alex Perez
  • Consuella Askew
  • Michael Szul
  • Henry Velez
  • Jose Roman
  • Ernie DiSandro
  • Harold Andrieux
  • Sherri Ann Butterfield
  • Jon Oliver
  • Ingrid Fulmer
  • Ellen Law
  • Romayne Botti
  • Jeana Wirtenberg
  • Mason Ameri
  • Aileen Beisser
  • Karen Novick
  • Alexandra Wojtenko Dunn
  • Julie Cartegna-Jones
  • Ryan Kelly
  • Miluska Rivera Jesberger
  • Diane Ambrose
  • William Constantine
  • Quionne Matchett
  • Carolyn Dellatore
  • Roxanne Huertas
  • Ryan Holcombe
  • Diana Diaz Liberman
  • Pamela Waid

Clinical Working Group

Charge: Reflect on Rutgers Health lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic related to the clinical community from the perspective of patient care and the healthcare workforce. Identify, prioritize, and pilot Future of Work recommendations to enhance patient outcomes and the workplace experience for clinical faculty, staff, and learners, in partnership with our health system affiliates.

Clinical Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Vicente Gracias

  • Joseph Barone
  • Kathleen Bramwell
  • Chantal Brazeau
  • Julie Caruth
  • Lara Delmolino Gatley
  • Caroline Dorsen
  • Patricia Findley
  • Linda Flynn
  • Frank Ghinassi
  • Bruce Haffty
  • Sherry Huang
  • Robert Johnson
  • Howard Kipen
  • Gwendolyn Mahon
  • Donna Nickitas
  • Mary O'Dowd
  • Catherine Potter
  • Denise Rodgers
  • Justin Sambol
  • Milind Shah
  • Karen Shapiro
  • Noa’a Shimoni
  • Eugene Simon
  • Frank Sonnenberg
  • Maria Soto-Greene
  • Kim Tuby
  • Iris Udasin
  • Tissany Chatman
  • Jack Hemphill
  • Phil Mesisca
  • Keith Lewis

Research Working Group

Charge:Explore the future composition and characteristics of research teams using lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. Identify actions that we should pursue to reshape the future of research work and teams at Rutgers University.

Research Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Michael Zwick

  • Jose Roman
  • Kathy Scotto
  • Diane Ambrose
  • Tracy Scott
  • Jeetendra Eswaraka
  • Rey Panettieri
  • Catherine Grgicak
  • Paul Jargowsky
  • Mauricio Delgado
  • Wilma Friedman
  • Marsha Bates
  • Adrienne Ettinger
  • Jeffrey Carson
  • Shobha Swaminathan

Finance Working Group

Charge:Identify short- and long-term financial impacts on the future of work with a focus on revenue opportunities, cost-saving benefits, and determining resources necessary to support the evolving needs of our community. Analyze the recommendations from the other workgroups to project financial impact of implementing those recommendations.

Finance Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Michael Gower

  • Maria Anderson
  • Kyle Aronson
  • Michelle Blackmon
  • Romayne Botti
  • Kathy Bramwell
  • Marilyn Chickey
  • Anthony Cheung
  • Adam Day
  • Ernie DiSandro
  • John Fahey
  • Sharon Fortin
  • Terry Fronckowiak
  • Larry Gaines
  • Janet Gilmartin
  • Jason MacDonald
  • Cindy Merlina
  • Phil Mesisca
  • David Moore
  • Michele Morin
  • Namish Patel
  • Ruth Philo
  • Amber Randolph
  • Rosa Rivera
  • Jose Roman
  • Eugene Simon
  • Michael Szul
  • Henry Velez
  • Kim Yozgat
  • Chris Zraly

Operations Working Group

Charge:Evaluate today’s service delivery model, incorporating pandemic lessons learned, as it relates to the strategic, tactical and operational plans of the university going forward. Develop recommendations to address necessary changes and modifications to these plans that are inclusive of core business functions, employee equity, managerial and administrative capacity, service expectations and student support in advancing the university’s mission of educational delivery, research, patient care and community service.

Operations Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Antonio Calcado

  • Kenneth Cop
  • Ghislaine Darden
  • Scott Luthman
  • David Schulz
  • John Shulack
  • Henry Velez
  • Steven Andreassen
  • Harold Andrieux
  • Laura Berman
  • Deepa Bhalla
  • Angelita Bonilla
  • Jessica Burke
  • James Campoli
  • Julie Cartegma
  • Joe Charette
  • Matt Colagiovanni
  • Maureen Conroy
  • Erin Cuomo
  • Marybeth Daisey
  • Janice Davey
  • Adam Day
  • Vincent DeNota
  • Ernie DiSando
  • Steven Dubiago
  • Pamela Edwards
  • Lisa Estler
  • Jeetendra Eswaraka
  • Nicholas Fabbroni
  • Edward Fabula
  • John Fahey
  • Michael Fitzgerald
  • Larry Gaines
  • Paul Hammond
  • Joseph Howard
  • Sydney Johnson
  • Bill Lansbury
  • William Lansbury
  • Ellen Law
  • Laura Lawson
  • Rona Lehtonen
  • Michael Manchello
  • Melissa Marrero
  • Gavin Mayes
  • Lisa McConlogue
  • James McIntosh
  • Mark McLane
  • Salvador Mena
  • Shakee Merrit
  • Jack Molenaar
  • David Moore
  • Boyd Moore
  • Dan Morrison
  • William O'Brien
  • Jon Oliver
  • Iris Orellana
  • Nimish Patel
  • Donna Piazza
  • Robert Prodoehl
  • Christopher Pye
  • Amber Randolph
  • Frank Reda
  • Michael Rein
  • Leslie Reyes
  • Rob Roesener
  • Jose Roman
  • Frank Scalice
  • Bill Schenck
  • William Scott
  • Michael Seas
  • Todd Slawshy
  • Vincent So
  • Jenn Sousa
  • Jennifer Stuart
  • Nancy Sullivan
  • Henry Velez
  • Dave Williams
  • Cheryl Wisnack
  • Frank Wong

Equity Working Group

Charge:Delivering recommended strategies and tactics to ensure an equitable and inclusive in-person, remote, and hybrid workplace environment for Rutgers University faculty, staff, and student employees at all levels and across all campuses.

Equity Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Jimmy Jung

  • Mason Ameri
  • David Dwertmann
  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • Roxanne Huertas
  • Lenese Jean-Odumuko
  • Melissa Wooten

Information Technology Working Group

Charge: Identify and recommend IT resources needed to support flexible work arrangements at Rutgers, including software and hardware standards and plans for the logistical challenges of remote and on-site IT support. Assess the competitive landscape for talent acquisition and retention, including a review of peer institutions and employment markets with whom we compete for qualified and experienced applicants.

Information Technology Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Michele Norin

  • Sabir Ahmedi
  • Antonio Barrera
  • Erin Bauzyk
  • Jim Boyce
  • Keri Budnovitch
  • Terry Callaghan
  • Russell Clarke
  • Galen Collier
  • Shelley Cousins
  • Richard Donato
  • Charlie Dungan
  • Adrienne Esposito
  • Sean Glasgow
  • Brian Luper
  • Allen Miles
  • Tibor Purger
  • Frank Reda
  • Adrian Rodriguez
  • Susan Ryan
  • Tom Ryan
  • Todd Slawsky
  • Ana Verma
  • Tom Vosseler
  • Matt Wilk

Employee Well-Being Working Group

Charge: Examine the impact of the pandemic on employees and provide recommendations to foster employee well-being. These will include approaches to optimize mental health and wellness resources, enhance employee growth and professional development, facilitate building community and connections, enhance the work culture as it pertains to employee well-being, and address employee stressors in the current work environment.

Employee Well-Being Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Chantal Brazeau

  • Frank Ghinassi
  • Richard Novak
  • Cecile Feldman
  • William Lansbury
  • Cathryn Potter
  • Margaret Swarbrick
  • Linda Flynn
  • Maria Serra
  • Elizabeth Sloan

Communications Working Group

Charge: Recommend and implement communications strategies and tactics to ensure that Rutgers faculty, staff, and student employees at all levels and across all campuses are informed about the matters under consideration by the FoW Task Force and are aware of opportunities to provide input.

Communications Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: Kim Manning

  • Jeanne Weber
  • Dory Devlin
  • Jeremee Johnson
  • Todd Slawsky
  • Lisa Intrabartola
  • Peter Englot
  • Mike Sepanic
  • Jennifer Hollingshead
  • Elizabeth (Liz) Crann
  • Melissa Marrero
  • Eleonora Luongo
  • Vanessa Vera
  • Alexis Lerner
  • Kristin Walker
  • Roxanne Huertas

Legal / Compliance / Risk Working Group

Charge: Assess, evaluate and provide counsel and guidance for the legal, labor, risk management and compliance issues raised by the Task Force during its deliberation and report writing phase. Concurrently, share experiences and lessons learned from our respective offices.

Legal / Compliance / Risk Working Group Members

Working Group Chair: John Hoffman
Jon Oliver, Rutgers University Senate

  • David Cohen
  • Julie Apostolopoulos
  • Anmarie Simeone
  • Gene Simon
  • Bill Troy

Labor Advisory Working Group

Labor Advisory Working Group Members
  • Russell Crews, Teamsters
  • Maureen Camper, AFSCME Local 1761
  • Permelia Toney-Boss, AFSCME Local 1761
  • Beatrice Reilley, AFSCME Local 1761
  • Mike Messner, AFSCME Local 888
  • Marcia Abrams, AFSCME Local 888
  • Toni Wright, AFSCME Local 888

Faculty Subject Matter Advisers Working Group

Faculty Subject Matter Advisers Working Group Members
  • Mason Ameri
  • Terri Kurtzberg
  • Douglas Kruse