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Submitting A Legal Name Change

The University has many federal and state reporting obligations that require all financial business records to utilize full legal name and social security number to identify employees. Particularly, the reports due for end-of-year income tax purposes are pulled from the university’s employee records and must match the legal name identified on a social security card. Potentially adverse impacts of a legal name in the university’s employee record that does not match a social security card include improper filing penalties imposed by the IRS on Rutgers, difficulty for an employee to properly file their income taxes, penalties and interest for delays in filing, delays in refund payments if applicable, and/or mandated garnishment of wages if the IRS is unable to identify an employee due to a discrepancy in the name displayed on their social security card and the name on their W2 generated by the university.

Accordingly, to minimize the potentially adverse financial impacts on our employees, the university requires an updated social security card to process a legal name change. As an interim solution, beginning September 2022, an employee may submit a chosen name.

To submit a legal name change, please:

  1. Visit the OneSource Portal
  2. Navigate to “Personal Data” under the Service Catalog
  3. Click on DOB/SSN/Name Change
  4. Follow the provided directions within the electronic form.

By doing so, you will create a Name Change request with the OneSource Service Center and provide the required documentation as an attachment.

Employees without access to the OneSource Portal should call the OneSource Rutgers Faculty and Staff Service Center at 732-745-SERV (7378) for additional assistance with changing their name.

Health Benefits (Medical, Prescription, and Dental) Changes

Once you have successfully updated your name with the University through the OneSource Self-Service portal a secured, file update will be sent by University Human Resources to the State of New Jersey State Health Benefits Program (SHBP). Rutgers employees cannot make these updates directly in Benefitsolver. Please note you cannot update your name directly with the insurance providers. The administrators at SHBP will also send the name change update to your selected insurance providers.

Also, name updates in this system will not update your pension. See below the information to update your pension.

Complete the NJ State Health Benefits Program Change of Address Form.

Pension Plan Participants

To change your name on your pension account, write a cover letter stating your former name, new name, and last four digits of your Social Security number. Send the letter along with a photocopy of your N.J. Driver’s license, Social Security Card, or current Passport showing the name change to:

New Jersey Division of Pensions & Benefits
Optical Disk
P.O. Box 295
Trenton, NJ 08625-0295

You may also complete an Affidavit of Name Change, by visiting

Designation of Beneficiary Forms

Alternate Benefit Program (ABP) members must complete the Designation of Beneficiary form and return it to: Division of Pensions and Benefits ABP/DCRP, Beneficiary Services, P.O. Box 295 Trenton, NJ 08625-0295.

If you have any questions on how to complete your Designation of Beneficiary form, send an email to or visit

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) and Police and Firemen's Retirement System (PFRS) members who wish to verify, update, or change their beneficiary information must use the online Designation of Beneficiary Application available through the Member Benefits Online System (MBOS).

For detailed information and instructions regarding beneficiary designation, visit Designation of Beneficiary.

ABP Retirement Participants

Please note, you must update your name change with your ABP investment carrier directly in addition to submitting the change with the Division of Pensions & Benefits. You may navigate to your carrier's, self service account to complete the appropriate forms or call the appropriate investment carrier for assistance with this process.


Legal Name Change Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Legal name?

A person's legal name is usually the name given at birth and recorded on the birth certificate or name change approved by the Social Security Administration and/or that has been declared the person's name by a court order.

What is a Deadname?

A deadname is the name that a transgender or non-binary person was given at birth and no longer uses.

What forms of identification are required to change my name?

To minimize the potentially adverse financial impacts on our employees, the university requires an updated social security card to process a legal name change.

What systems require the use of my legal name?

A university community member’s chosen/preferred name can and should be used wherever possible in the course of university education, business, and communication. Certain university systems require the use of an individual’s legal name including but not limited to:

  • IRS Documentation (W2, I-9 forms, 1098-T, 1095C)
  • Federal and State Requests for Information
  • Human Resources Systems (Payroll, Pension, Insurance, Other Benefits)
  • Financial, Medical, and Law Enforcement Documents
  • Financial Aid
  • Background Check Documents
Who will have access to view my legal name?

If you change your legal name with the Social Security Administration and do not update your legal name with the university you may encounter difficulties with the IRS or state revenue and tax agencies.

How do I change my legal name in New Jersey?

The process to change legal names varies by state and by country.

  • For New Jersey residents, please reference the NJ Courts Name Change Guide to change your legal name.
  • For non-New Jersey residents, please refer to your home state or home country’s laws.
Who do I contact at Rutgers if I have additional questions about the name change process?

If you have additional questions or need further guidance through the name change process, please contact Marisa Miller at

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