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Performance Management Process FAQs

Do I need to wait for my manager to cascade goals before I can create my goal plan in the system?

No, you don’t need to wait for your manager to cascade goals before creating your goal plan. The system will allow for you to create your goal plan without goals being cascaded from your manager.

What can I do if my manager has not scheduled a meeting for my performance review?

Work directly with your manager to schedule a time within the goal plan period.

Where can I access additional development opportunities?

Development opportunities can be found in the performance management tool under the development opportunities tab. There you will have access to a library of online courses via Linkedin Learning.

Do aligned (Union) employees complete a performance review for their non-aligned employees?

Aligned (Union) supervisors must complete performance reviews for the non-aligned staff they supervise.

How does the system handle dual reporting relationships?

A primary manager must be identified and will be responsible for completing the process in the system. The dual managers will have to meet and discuss the employee’s performance before documenting it in the system.

What if an employee is hired/or transfers during an off-cycle of the process?

New hires and transfer employees will automatically move to the goal setting process and have 30 days to complete their goal plan and have it approved by their manager.

What if an employee is on a leave of absence?

The performance review is to be completed and submitted within the first 30 days back on the job. Employees are evaluated only on work performed while on the job during the performance period.

Can I access this on my mobile device?

Yes, if you have an internet connection, you can access the performance management tool anywhere and anytime.

Who do I contact for support?

Most questions can be answered via the tools and resources located on the performance management site. For additional support, please contact your HR liaison and/or send an email to the performance management support email box.

What are the approved browsers for the Performance Management tool?

The approved browsers for accessing the online Performance Management tool are; Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

How do I determine what rating to assign myself for my initial self-assessment?

Carefully read the key characteristics for each competency to identify your level of accomplishment.

Is there a recommended number of Development Goals and Performance Goals?

The recommendation is for each employee to have 3-5 performance goals and 1-2 development goals.

What are the thresholds of a performance goal?

Each performance goal will contain three thresholds: Base, Medium, and High. For further information, please refer to your user toolkit that can be found on the performance management site.

What is the SMART goals process?

The SMART goal process is a methodology applied when writing goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. For further information on how to write SMART goals, please refer to your training guide on the Performance Management site and/or under Development Opportunities in the Performance Management tool.

Who can see my goals?

Leaders can see the goals of employees who exist within their reporting line. Your goals can be seen by your manager, your manager’s manager, etc.

*Note: Your goals can not be seen by your peers or anyone outside of your direct reporting line.

How will I receive training on the process?

Training guides and video tutorials are available on the performance management website.

Will the Performance Management Process drive compensation?


What are some Best Practices around Performance tracking and evaluation?
  • Regularly update progress notes in the Performance Management System. This information will come in handy when it is time for the end of year evaluations.
  • Tie individual goals to departmental goals. Doing so helps the employee see the importance of their work and increases their job satisfaction.
  • Make sure the employee can provide input before the review is finalized.
  • Meet with your employees regularly throughout the year, formally or informally, so that you can provide timely feedback about the employee’s performance.
What is the Performance Management Process?

The performance management process consists of three distinct modules; goal setting, mid-year, and end-of-year evaluation. The process is housed and tracked within the performance management tool.

What is the purpose of the Performance Management Process?

The purpose of the online performance management process is to align performance management across the university, focus on employee development, increase the frequency of development conversations, align manager and employee goals, and to provide an easy to use tool to set, track, and share goals.

Who is included in the performance management process?

All non-aligned employees are included in this process. Also, aligned managers that have non-aligned employees will use the tool to manage their non-aligned employees’ goals and performance.

Aligned (union) employees are not included in the performance management process.

Why are we implementing a Performance Management Process now?

The university has launched the online performance management process as part of our continued commitment to our employees’ development, potential, career aspirations, and performance.

Does an employee out on leave have to complete the End of Year Review?

No, employees should complete performance reviews when they return to work. It is recommended that the performance review is completed and submitted within the first 30 days back on the job. Employees are evaluated only on work performed while on the job during the performance period.

This may overlap a new goal plan created in the new cycle; just be sure to click on and complete the previous year before starting a new year.

How are the Overall Ratings calculated?

Straight number calculations, they are not weighted. You must have High in ALL goals to receive a High rating. This is a culture change for some, Base is an expected rating, Median is high in some of the goals, but not all. Did not meet threshold is an area of concern to be reviewed.

How does a manager determine what rating to assign to a direct report?

Creating performance goals based on measurable results will simplify this process. The final overall rating will be an automated calculation from the system based on the ratings of each of the performance goals.

My staff member is currently out on leave or was out on leave for some time during the performance cycle for which he/she is being evaluated. How do I complete the End of Year Review given their leave?

If an employee is on a leave of absence and scheduled performance review are postponed until the employee has returned to active work. It is recommended that the performance review is completed and submitted within the first 30 days back on the job. Employees are evaluated only on work performed while on the job during the performance period.

This may overlap a new goal plan created in the new cycle; just be sure to click on and complete the previous year before starting a new year.

What are some best practices for completing the End of Year Review with my employees?
  • Open the view for the employee to see the rating several days prior to the performance review meeting
  • Review your employees’ progress notes and be prepared for the conversation
  • Schedule dedicated time and a location free of interruptions for the performance review conversation, allowing ample time for the review to be completed
  • Ensure effective two-way communication during the review conversation (listening attentively and encouraging dialogue)
What are the ratings used at the End of Year Review?

The Performance Goals Ratings:

  • Base
  • Median
  • High
  • Did Not Meet Threshold
  • Goal No Longer Applicable

The Development Goals Ratings:

  • Achieved Development Goal
  • More Development Needed
  • No Progress
What if an employee doesn’t agree with their overall rating?

A submission or completion of the affirmation does not necessarily indicate agreement with this review. An employee may request a review of the review as explained in the "Review Process If Procedure Is Not Followed" available on the UHR website or by calling University Human Resources at 848-932-3020.

What if there's been a supervisor or manager change during the performance period?
  • As a best practice, when there is a change in reporting structure, the current manager prior to departure should leave a detailed progress note.
  • If there are questions, consult the previous supervisor or manager.
  • This is on a case by case basis depending on if there is a role change, departmental change, and when the change occurs during the performance cycle.
When should the End of Year Performance Review take place? 

The End of Year Review period opens on May 1st and closes on June 30th. However, performance management is a continuous process.  Check-in and have conversations around performance regularly.

Who receives the Second Level Manager review?

The employees who meet ALL high goals – and those who Did not Meet Threshold. The base, medium thresholds pass through an automated system review.

How is COVID-19 impacting the Performance Management Process?

Managers can add a single Leadership or Support FY2020 Goal for new work created due to COVID-19. Managers can assign a single Goal to an individual or team that has contributed to the University COVID-19 efforts.

Note: Most employees will be able to achieve their progress as expected, and COVID-19 will not impact goals. If COVID-19 impacted employee progress on goals and if the goal was already partially accomplished, the manager should use their best judgment to evaluate for the work completed before impact.

What are some guidelines for COVID-19 Impact on goal progress?

New Goals

  • Managers can add Leadership or Support FY2020 Goals for new work created due to COVID-19. These goals will be awarded a High rating.

Goals in Progress, Then Impacted

  • If employee progress on goals were impacted by COVID-19, flexibility and consideration should be given from managers. If the goal was partially accomplished, use your best judgement to evaluate for the work completed before impact.
Can the employee add their own COVID-19 Goal?

No, only Managers can add the COVID-19 goals.

How do I conduct a virtual Performance Review?

Managers should set up virtual one-on-ones with each direct report using one of the platforms listed below

  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco Webex
  • Use video if possible
  • Prepare and practice
  • Minimize distractions
  • Leverage technology features
  • Stay focused and on topic
  • Set ground rules

Tips for Managers Conducting Virtual Performance Reviews

  • Pay close attention to what the employee’s body language is communicating. Nonverbal cues count!
  • Listen carefully
  • Encourage two-way dialogue
  • Be specific and provide clear examples
  • Speak objectively
  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Always solicit feedback
What if an employee is on a COVID-19 leave? How will the manager complete the final evaluation?

We have systems in place for this -as before, they have 30 days after their return to catch up to whatever state we are currently in. If a second goal plan has been created, you simply select the correct year to complete the process and then click into the new goal plan period.