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Take Advantage of These Rutgers Employee Benefits

Dear Rutgers Colleagues:

In our continued effort to support our employees, I want to highlight two valuable benefits Rutgers is offering—our free webinars on financial wellness and Social Security and our Caregiver Support Pilot Program. At the same time, I hope you will take a couple of minutes to give your feedback on our flexible work arrangements as we evaluate this one-year pilot.

3-Question Pulse Survey: How Can Rutgers Better Support You?

As we evaluate the current flexible work arrangement offerings available at Rutgers and determine how to improve the future of work, please add your voice to the conversation by filling out this short 3-question pulse survey.

Upcoming Planning for the Future Webinars

We are pleased to announce the continuation of our webinars focused on Social Security and financial wellness. These webinars are intended to provide employees with the tools and education necessary to manage finances and help make the best financial decisions for themselves, their families, and their futures. All sessions are free of charge and available to all Rutgers employees.

To view a list of upcoming sessions available between March and May 2023, please visit the Rutgers Employees First Webinar Series website.

Caregiver Support Pilot Program Reminder

Eligible employees are encouraged to sign up for a membership through August 31, 2023. offers employees access to the world’s largest network of caregivers to meet all of your unexpected care needs, connecting you with caregivers for children and adults, and giving you the option of using your own personal caregiver if no network caregiver is available. Backup Care is available when school is closed, your babysitter or adult caregiver is sick, you need to work late, or any other time your regular care isn’t available.

In addition to caregiver support services, Rutgers employees will have access to LifeMart Discounts during the pilot program year. With LifeMart Discounts, you get exclusive offers on childcare, education, nutrition services, electronics, travel, entertainment, and more.

To learn more, visit the UHR Benefits website.


Vivian Fernández
Senior Vice President for Human Resources