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Important Update Regarding Flexible Work Arrangements

Dear Colleagues,

On June 30, we announced the automatic extension of the program through August 31, 2024, to continue to support the evolving needs of our employees. As part of this extension, all currently approved flexible work arrangements set to expire on August 31, 2023, excluding fully remote work arrangements that were initially approved for only one year or less, will be automatically extended in the FlexWork@RU Application System. No action is required for this extension to be applied to your current flexible work arrangement, unless you were granted permission for a temporary or fully remote work arrangement. If you received an auto-generated notice from the FlexWork@RU Application System this morning advising you of your expiring flexible work arrangement, please ignore it, unless it is for a fully remote work arrangement.

For those of you who were granted permission for temporary arrangements or fully remote work arrangements, please note that you will need to apply for a new flexible work arrangement indicating the ongoing extraordinary circumstances that serve as the basis for your request. Staff employees who wish to change their existing arrangement or apply for a new flexible work arrangement are encouraged to visit the Future of Work website. The application system will be open for updates on August 31, 2023.

Although University Policy 60.3.22 is applicable to nonaligned staff, it will continue to be relaxed to allow maximum participation across all staff while we negotiate with a number of our labor unions over mandatorily negotiable issues related to flexible work arrangements for aligned staff.


Vivian Fernández
Senior Vice President Human Resources