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FAQ - Mass transit Commutation Reimbursement Program for Part-Time Employees

How do I begin participation?

Complete an Election Form.

How do I submit a claim?

Request reimbursement through the Cornerstone Expense Management Module, which can be accessed through the My Rutgers Portal (

How does it work?

Set aside pretax money (up to $280 per month in 2022) from each paycheck to pay for eligible mass transit expenses. Submit claims for reimbursement using pretax money from your account.

What are eligible expenses?

Expenses incurred traveling to and from work by mass transit (bus, train, ferry, subway, etc.).

What expenses are not eligible?

Tolls (including EZ Pass), expenses incurred traveling to and from work by taxi, car pool, limousine, and station parking.

What happens to unclaimed funds?

No refunds are allowed; funds left in an account will be carried over to the next month and next year.

What is the deadline for submitting claims?

March 31 following the calendar year of participation.

Who is eligible?

Regularly appointed part-time employees who are non-aligned (Class 1), and part-time members of AAUP, AFSCME and AFT.